5 Summer Safety Tips: Doxies & Water

Whether you’re at the lake or beach or you own a pool, water plays a major role in summer fun. We want you and your furry friend to have a fun and safe experience. So we’ve compiled five tips to keep your doxie safe around water:

1. Keep an Eye on your dog:

Many people assume that dogs are natural swimmers and mix well with water. However, just like people, dogs must learn how to swim. This is especially true for puppies and dachshunds, due to their short legs, they are not strong swimmers. You will want to keep an eye on them in case they need assistance and only allow them in the water for short periods of time.

2. Easy Entrance & Exit:

If you allow your pup in the pool, make sure that they have an easy way to get out of the water. You could use special stairs or an inclined ramp to help them out. It’s best to show your dachshund the proper way to enter and exit the pool…this is no different than training your doxie to use a new set of stairs. Be sure to stay nearby in case they panic or forget how to exit the pool.

Wet Red Long-Haired Dachshund in a Swimming Pool Staring

3. Don’t Drink the Water:

If you’ve been a pet parent for any length of time, you know that fido loves to lick anything and everything. You will want to keep an eye on them to make sure they are not lapping up the water. The chemicals in the pool water, bacteria in the lake water and salt in the sea water can all be harmful to your dachshund.

4. Rinse Off:

When it is time to get out of the water, remember to give your dachshund a good rinse down. You want to make sure the wash the chemicals or salt off your dog’s coat. They can cause skin irritation or make your pet sick if ingested.

5. Rest & Rehydrate:

Swimming is a strenuous exercise. Your doxie will need to get plenty of rest after a fun day in the water. Make sure that your dachshund drinks plenty of fresh water after swimming, as he can easily become dehydrated from the heat and over exertion.

Stay safe this summer sausage friends!

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